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Class B Coin Operated Amusement Machines (COAMs) vs. Slot Machines

December 14, 2022

It’s no surprise that our Class B COAMs are often mistaken for and called “slots” and “slot machines”. Quite often many of our players who try their skill and win on our Class B COAMs in Georgia have also tried their luck on a slot machine, whether it be in a Vegas Casino or in another state where slot machines are legal. For those of you who don’t know the difference, here’s a quick overview of Georgia Class B COAMs and Slot Machines.

Georgia COAMs:

When talking about Georgia COAMs, it’s important to first point out that these machines are NOT gambling devices. These machines are intended specifically for amusement purposes and skill is needed for a player to be successful. As the player spins the wheel, they must use the “nudge” and/or “hot swap” features on the game to identify and create a winning payline. Class B COAMs allow a successful player to accrue their points and use them on subsequent play or plays. By law, players are only allowed to redeem their winnings onto a Mastercard Gift card or for in-store merchandise. A player is prohibited from redeeming their winnings for cash, alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.

Slot Machines:

In the early stages of slot machines, they were truly defined as a machine whose operation is begun by dropping a coin into a slot. Overtime as technology developed, slot machines began to evolve to what they are today. Unlike Class B COAMs, slot machines are games of chance and do not require any skill in order to be successful. In addition, players are able to redeem their winnings for cash.

Whether they’re games of chance or games of skill, these gaming machines vary from state to state depending on the legislation passed by the state government. Make sure you know your terms and definitions if you plan on adding skill gaming to your Georgia business! For more information on our Georgia COAMs, check out our blog about Class A versus Class B COAMs!

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