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Georgia COAM Market

Class A COAMs vs Class B COAMs

November 16, 2022

In Georgia, there are two types of Coin Operated Amusement Machines. These machines are typically referred to as COAMs, for short, and are separated into Class A and Class B machines. They make up the entirety of Georgia’s skill games and amusement machines within establishments across the state. Bulldog Gaming works closely with our partner locations to provide them top-of-the-line COAMs that are attractive to their customers. Let’s begin by going over the differences between a Class A COAM and a Class B COAM.

Class A:

Class A COAMs are typically best described as “kiddie” games. Skee-Ball, claw machines, pinball games, pool tables, and even jukeboxes are great examples of Class A COAMs. When playing on a Class A COAM, there are typically no prizes awarded (with the exception of crane games) as the player’s main goal is enjoyment and excitement. Players cannot use their winnings or points to continue playing or for subsequent plays, which is the biggest difference between Class A and Class B COAMs.

Class B:

Class B COAMs are different than Class A due to the fact that they allow the player to accrue and carry over points won on a play to their next or subsequent play(s). A player earns credits or winnings that they can redeem onsite for a Mastercard gift card or for in-store merchandise like fuel, lottery tickets, or food and drink. It’s important to note that winnings cannot be redeemed for cash, liquor, tobacco, or firearms. Class B COAMs are considered to be games of skill where the player has to use nudge and swap features to create a winning payline.

A Guide to Preparing for Class B COAMs in Your Establishment

Where does Bulldog Gaming come in?

In Georgia, in order for a location to operate Class A and Class B COAMs in their locations, they must first partner with a Master License Holder, like Bulldog Gaming. When partnering with us, we will help you through the application process and have you operating COAMs at your location in no time. Whether it’s providing you with the best customer service or helping you maximize your skill gaming revenue, Bulldog Gaming will be your partner from day one. It is our goal to maximize the skill gaming experience for your customers by providing them with a safe and comfortable gaming environment, while also supporting our partner locations in all aspects of COAM gaming.

7 Steps to Becoming a Licensed Class B COAM in GA

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