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New Class A COAM: Harpoon Lagoon

January 11, 2023

Ahoy! Welcome to Harpoon Lagoon.

A proven earner for family entertainment venues, Harpoon Lagoon is a popular arcade game that reels players in with changing and colorful graphics, intuitive controls, and attractive LED lighting. Supporting up to 4 players, this super fun and addicting game involves skillfully aiming and launching harpoons in order to skewer a wide variety of sea creatures. Players are given 5 harpoons each per game and choose to either compete against one another or work together for bigger earnings.

The goal in Harpoon Lagoon is to catch the largest sea creatures to score the highest total catch weight. The bigger and rarer the creature you hit, the bigger the bonus you’ll receive! There are two “special” creatures that award the highest point totals:

  • The Great White Shark:
    • Will swim across the screen every 5-10 seconds during game play
    • Surrounded by an entourage of smaller sharks, the Great White is a difficult catch for even the most experienced fishermen
  • The Jackpot Jellyfish:
    • Will appear very rarely around the treasure chest in the center of the play screen
    • The Jellyfish is the jackpot creature, harpooning it will win the player the maximum number of tickets

Players are awarded tickets for redemption following the completion of the game, with the number of tickets they receive directly correlating to the quantity and quality of fish caught during game play. Harpoon Lagoon is a Class A COAM game, meaning that players are not allowed to carry over points into subsequent plays.

The right entertainment can mean the difference between an average location and a great one. As one of the largest amusement operators in the nation, Bulldog Gaming supplies our partner locations with the most popular amusements and skill games, as well as access to premier pool and dart leagues.

Add Harpoon Lagoon to your venue today!

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