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How to Become a Lottery Retailer in Georgia

February 17, 2021

Interested in becoming a Georgia Lottery Retailer (GLR)? Not only would this be an extremely profitable and beneficial addition to your establishment, selling Georgia lottery tickets can also help increase play on your Class B COAMs. When patrons play and win at your establishment, they have the ability to redeem their winnings on retail merchandise and lottery tickets. For this reason, we advise that all establishments running and operating Class B COAMs also apply to become a GLR. Here are a couple things you should know as you consider applying and how to get started.

What You Should Be Aware of Up Front. Before you decide that becoming a GLR is right for you and your location, it’s important to note that the Georgia Lottery requires a deposit before getting started. Don’t let this deposit stop you from continuing your research into potentially becoming a GLC. If your location is right, you could make your deposit back in Lottery sales sooner then you think. Here are some of the benefits that could come from becoming a GLR.

What are the benefits? When you become a GLR, you as an establishment owner will receive a 6% commission on all Lottery Sales you make. When becoming a Retailer, the Georgia Lottery Corporation (GLC) wants to set you up for success. Not only do they provide you with state-of-the-art computerized equipment that provides a high rate of return per square inch of counter space used in comparison to other products, the GLC also provides you with attractive and enticing point-of-sales marketing materials that help identify you as a GLR. They will also provide you with additional Marketing assistance with the help of a Lottery Sales Representative. Another benefit of becoming a GLR and selling lottery tickets is that you have the ability to hand your winning patrons CASH! For obvious reasons, this will leave your patrons with a positive experience with the hope that they will return to your establishment and try their luck again. As a result, your establishment may also have the potential to increase foot traffic resulting in the increase of overall store profits. Another great perk to becoming a GLR is that if your establishment is the one to sell a winning Mega Millions or Powerball Jackpot ticket, you will receive a $50,000 BONUS!!

What you might not know about the Georgia Lottery. The Georgia Lottery was originally created in November 1992 to help enhance and build educational funding for Georgia students. On June 29, 1993, the Georgia Lottery began selling tickets and sold more than 52 million tickets in its first week of operations! Today, the Georgia Lottery has continued to flourish and grow. Here are a couple of interesting facts about the Georgia Lottery and patrons who play:

  • 95% of lottery players purchase at least one additional item when making their lottery purchase.
  • Research indicates that lottery players spend 65% more per visit than non-lottery customers.
  • Average lottery customers visit a location 4.1 times per month.
  • Since its start, the Georgia Lottery has given more than $21 billion to Georgia educational programs like the HOPE scholarship and Georgia’s Pre-K Programs.
  • More than 1.9 million students have received the HOPE scholarship, and more than 1.6 million 4-year olds have attended the statewide prekindergarten program made available by the Georgia Lottery.

Ready to get started? Head over to the GLC’s website and select ‘Retailers’, or click here to get started. Click ‘Become a Retailer’ and click the green ‘Retailer Contract Form’ button. From there, fill out and submit the Retailer Contact Form. A member of the Georgia Lottery sales team will contact you with information on applying to be part of the Georgia Lottery Retailer Network. For more information on how to become a GLR or to obtain an application, contact your nearest Georgia Lottery Corporate District Sales Office.

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