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Georgia COAM Market

Four Ways a Business Can Make the Most of Their Class B COAM Gaming Area

September 8, 2021

As the Georgia skill gaming market continues to grow, the novelty of skill gaming and the limited number of licensed establishments will mean that people are eager to try these games wherever they can find and enjoy them the most.

Tom’s Amusement knows and understands the coin operated amusement machine (COAM) player and the many ways to set your establishment apart from the rest. Designating a space that is private, quiet, and comfortable can make your gaming area and profits shine!

For starters, you can set your location apart by setting your skill gaming area apart. That means having a dedicated space for your Class B COAMs that’s at least somewhat separate from the other activities taking place at your establishment (such as drinking, dining, playing pool or shooting darts, and so forth). It’s a good idea to create a distinct skill gaming area within your establishment to minimize distraction.

Once you’ve decided to create a clear-cut skill gaming space within your location, what can you do to make it more appealing to patrons? Here are four key elements to consider as you design your skill gaming area:


As you’re planning the layout and overall size of your skill gaming area, it’s important to note that you’ll be accommodating more than just the physical machines. You’ll also have an ATM, chairs for players to sit in, and possibly tables for them to put food and drinks on. Plus, you’ll have the players themselves in there, who will be moving around from time to time. Make sure they can do so comfortably without invading each other’s personal space.

Tom’s Amusement is an expert at the layout and design of skilled gaming areas. We will ensure that you have the correct number of games to fit your space, identify the right physical space within your business, and take into consideration the nature and business climate that is already there. As your business grows, we will accommodate your needs! Cleanliness of the area is also important — not only to attract players but for safety as well. Tom’s will provide regular maintenance and cleaning of the games, but a wipe down between that maintenance doesn’t hurt. A clean game is a happy game!

A Guide to Preparing for Class B COAMs in Your Establishment


To keep players relaxed and engaged with the games, reduce the number and volume of the noises around them. Some establishments might put soundproof walls up around their skill gaming area, but that’s not always necessary (or feasible). This might also be accomplished by identifying the quietest area of your location beforehand or turning the sound down on the TVs or music during peak skill gaming hours.

Games from Tom’s Amusement have volume controls that will keep players engaged, yet not interfere with the other business conducted in your establishment. Tom’s will help identify the most private area that is conducive to player enjoyment while not interrupting the flow of your business.


Temperature control for player comfort is an important item to keep in mind. If you put up new walls or other barriers for a skill gaming area, bear in mind that the space will need to have good air circulation and maintain a comfortable temperature for gamers. Think Goldilocks — not too hot, not too cold. The COAMs tend to generate heat, so the area could become stifling if improperly ventilated. (And if the air and temperature throughout your location isn’t right overall, then you’ve got an even bigger challenge to contend with.)


Too often, owners rely on the overhead lights they already have or sunlight coming in through the windows to illuminate the space. This might work in some cases, but don’t just assume it will. When the skill gaming machines are installed, examine the area to ensure the lights aren’t so bright that they create a glare on the COAM screens or so dark that some players get drowsy and nod off, and then adjust accordingly.

Planning a space for your skill gaming machines takes time and energy. Luckily, Tom’s Amusement can assist in the process and optimize your location.

Planning a profitable, efficient space for your skill gaming machines comes with experience and success. Tom’s Amusement has that experience and success, and will dedicate our time, energy, and expertise to your unique business situation to bring you a new or improved COAM experience that you will profit from and enjoy!


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