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Flooring Options for Your Class B COAM Establishment

April 13, 2022

Flooring isn't always a top priority when designing the area for your new Class B COAMs or upgrading an existing business, but it can have a big effect on how comfortable your guests are while at your establishment. Many aspects of flooring alter how people perceive your business and, in turn, your gaming area. Color, material, design and fluidity are a few of the many things to keep in mind that in turn may effect increase in Class B COAM play among your customers, , length of play and the chances of returning guests. Yes, we know that flooring does not have the same effect as an exciting giveaway or promotion, but there is an effect on perception and interest based on what your floor looks like, the condition it is in and how it mixes with the ambiance of your business.

There are a few rules to abide by when installing new flooring at your establishment. The floor needs to be slip resistant to reduce risk of injury. It is important to find a floor that is inflammable to avoid becoming a risk-prone location (i.e. one with cooking equipment or candles on tables). Safety is the priority and after you set those parameters, what’s next? Durability. An important difference between residential and commercial flooring is that commercial is built to withstand the heavy traffic of peak business. It is often worth spending more on the front end getting a product that can withstand the test of time avoiding breaks, cracks and water damage than having to consistently budget out costly flooring repairs.

So, you know what you’re looking for as far as safety and durability. Next, what types of flooring are available to you? Consider the aesthetic you are going for - it is important to have a fluid design to your floor plan. Carpeting used to be commonplace in restaurants, but many businesses are experimenting with newer, more durable options that grab the attention of the customer. You can choose tiling, hardwood, laminate, concrete, resilient and even flooring like Liquid Floors that creates an illusion of lava in your flooring. With all these choices, it is important to remember longevity when making your decision. Having nice flooring is generally not a selling point to ensure return customers, but having outdated and poorly maintained flooring could affect a customer coming back.

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Lighting is important when making a flooring decision. As previously mentioned, matching the flooring with the ambiance you are presenting can sell a look to a perspective guest. If you are operating a lower lit, more personal experience, having darker wood or tiled floors can promote intimacy and sophistication to your business. On the other hand, if you are promoting a more casual environment, often leading the way for natural light and larger groups of people, a lighter wood or concrete create a more inviting area. If you are trying to create a rustic setting, distressed and reclaimed flooring can help set up that environment.

Your gaming area is an important part of your business and you want to drive customers to that area so that they utilize the machines you have to offer. How can flooring actually effect your customer’s likelihood to play? A lot, it turns out, as continuity within the space interests people to move around and check out all the features your location has to offer. As humans, we have an innate relationship with color and how it effects our mood. For instance, colors such as red, yellow, and purple have been known to stimulate our appetite, while green is known to promote relaxation, which is why video production studios often have green rooms to calm people before they take the stage. Depending on the continuity of your establishment, it is important to pick a color and style that entertains the player and keeps them comfortable. As always, it is important to remember who is playing in your skill gaming area, what they look for to find comfort, the source of wear and tear, and how to be proactive about keeping your skill gaming room clean, relaxed, and up to date.

The decision is entirely up to you and how you want your clientele to perceive your business. While flooring is often not a forethought in design, it can have a substantial effect on your day-to-day operations from safety concerns, durability, fluidity, style, color and comfort. The opportunities are out there to make your business enticing to returning guests and new guests alike.

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