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Five Spring Promotion Ideas for Your Georgia Bar

April 27, 2022

We’re almost through the woods when it comes to winter and chances are most people are ready to end their hibernation, step outside, and start socializing. As people start to fill their social calendar with dinners, happy hours and activities, make sure your venue is where they are headed.

In order to drive more traffic to your venue during one of the most active seasons of the year, try one of these five spring promotions.

Plan a Spring Fling bar crawl or block party

After suffering from cabin fever, locals are likely chomping at the bit to get outside and have fun. To celebrate the start of spring, consider partnering with other bars or local businesses to host a Spring Fling bar crawl or block party. By combining funds and efforts with other business owners, you’ll be able to make the event a big celebration. And by making the party progressive, you won’t have to compete with other bars and restaurants for patrons’ dollars.

Plan an in-house league

With every new season, brings a new sport. And with all the cancellations of major sporting events, people need somewhere to channel their competitive spirit. Give them the opportunity they’re looking for — while drawing in a regular crowd each week — by hosting a darts, pool or trivia league. You’ll not only see an extra revenue stream on off nights, but you may also attract new patrons who are interested in a particular game.

Host a monthly book club

For those looking for a monthly social outing, but who aren’t interested in a competition, consider hosting a monthly book club on a quieter night when you could use the extra drink sales. Choose one book a month for community members to read. Then reserve a space on the meeting day for anyone who wants to join the book discussion. You can even alter your food menu, drink menu and the music you play in your bar that night to complement the book’s theme.

Sponsor a local sports team

As everyone rushes outside, many adults join intermural kickball, whiffle ball, beach volleyball and softball teams. Sponsor a local sports team and offer a special post-game deal, so teams come back to your venue to cheer a victory or refuel after a tough game. Plus, putting your logo on their jerseys is extra publicity for you.

If your restaurant is a family establishment, you could even sponsor a little league team, in addition to an intermural team.

Partner with a charity and give back

Giving back to those less fortunate never goes out of season. Consider making April or May your month for giving back. Choose one charity for the month — or a new charity every week —and donate a portion of your drink sales to that charity. You can even host a social media contest in which patrons can submit charities for consideration. They might be more likely to promote the initiative if their charity is chosen.

Regardless of which promotion you decide to try, we’re here to help. Looking for ideas specific to your venue or have questions about the promotions listed here? Drop a note in the form below.

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