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Building an Effective Team for Your Georgia Business

June 22, 2022

Recruiting the right people to work at your restaurant or bar can be difficult. For every outstanding candidate, there’s at least 10 who are not. Wading through the unsuitable candidates can be a challenging process, especially when you have a position that needs to be filled as soon as possible. However, it is important not to rush the hiring process too much because a bad hire can be worse than not hiring at all. Following are some effective ways to recruit good applicants.


Analyze Your Team

When going through the hiring process, do your best to hire someone who fits your ideal candidate — not just from a need perspective, but character wise as well. Analyze your current team members. What do the best ones do well? What do the others do wrong? What traits should your ideal candidate possess in order to go above and beyond the scope of their duties in the position that you are hiring them for? One possible way for potential employees to be vetted can be through a new hire assessment, which, in addition to an interview, can help you get a good grasp on candidates’ personalities, work ethic and thought processes. You could then compare those assessments to your best employees in order to make the best hire possible.


Be Active in Recruitment

Any potential candidate is going to be more likely to apply to a business they are familiar with. Use social media and other more traditional ways of recruiting to educate future applicants about your business and why they should want to work there. T.J. Shier, the president and founder of Incentivize Solutions and S.M.A.R.T. Restaurant Group, recommends changing up the names of your positions in order to attract higher quality candidates. For example, instead of hiring a hostess, hire a hospitality specialist. This will show your candidates that you’re not just looking for someone to fill a role but rather imploring them to become a part of something more.


Treat Your Team Well

Chances are if your current employees enjoy working for you and in your location, then they will be more likely to spread positive word of mouth in their communities. They will also be more willing to recommend potential candidates to fill an open position. An extremely cost-effective way to engage in recruitment is to simply create a good work atmosphere for your employees. By treating your employees well, you create a community within your establishment that candidates will want to be a part of. Word can travel very fast; the best candidates will always prefer to work in a good environment.

Recruiting can be difficult and finding the best possible candidate can feel almost impossible. However, you have the power to make the hiring process go smoother. Analyze your team, approach recruitment with vigor and foster a positive work environment, and you will quickly see the benefits.



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