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Advertising in Your Establishment’s Restroom

January 5, 2022

Restroom advertising is one of the most tried and true methods of in-house advertising available in bars, restaurants, and other retail establishments. But what makes advertisements in your restrooms so efficient and profitable?

One of the main reasons that signage in your restroom is such a boon for in-house advertising is because you have a captive audience. It’s weird to think about, but it is true! When customers are in the bathroom, they have a very limited amount of entertainment (outside of their smartphones). By pasting advertisements for drink specials, promotions, or upcoming events on the inside of bathroom stalls, near hand dryers or above bathroom sinks you can maximize eyes on the ads themselves.

The other advantage that bathroom signage has over other advertising is that your audience is most likely already a fan of your brand. If a customer is staying at your establishment long enough to need to use the restroom, they are in the prime position to be persuaded to purchase additional products and/or come back for another visit. Many customers prefer to return to a few bars and restaurants over and over again rather than constantly trying new places. Why not focus your bathroom advertisements on keeping current customers coming back rather than bringing new customers in?

One of the biggest advantages of advertising in your location in your restroom is the fact that you do not need to pay for ad space. Since your bathrooms are already in your establishment, there is no need to pay the extra fees associated with renting a billboard or taking out an ad in a newspaper. Instead, you just have to consider the much lower cost of printing your ad. You should not need many copies of your advertisement since they will only be placed in your bathrooms or the hallways leading to your restroom area. This lower price is one of the reasons why location owners find restroom advertising so efficient and worthwhile.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your new restroom advertisements, the internet is full of great examples. A lot of these are pretty over the top and out of the box, but hopefully they can help spark some inspiration for your own bathroom advertisements. Check out this article on some of the most creative bathroom advertising around. You can also check out this creative list of mainly mirror-based bathroom advertisements on Pinterest. We love these for their ability to make customers laugh and share their experiences with friends and family. If your advertisement is memorable enough to become a conversation starter, then it is definitely doing its job!

If you are looking to get started on your bathroom advertising campaigns, we suggest you start on something a little smaller in scale than those out of the box examples (unless you are truly inspired!). For your first campaign, try to stick to something simple like an easy print-advertisement campaign. To keep everything hygienic, we strongly suggest placing any advertisements in a clear wall-mounted acrylic sleeve. These are pretty easy to get a hold of and relatively cheap when compared to the costs that are associated with other advertising campaigns. You can check out an affordable range of wall-mounted frames online.

Advertisements for bars and restaurants can become a high-cost endeavor, but not if you consider restroom advertising. Advertising placed in your bathrooms is cost effective and highly efficient. Now that you are planning to create some simple bathroom advertisements, why don’t you check out some of our other blogs for more marketing tips for your skill gaming business?



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